Hold Fast Re-Edited Torrent
(H.264/AAC MOV :: 1.4GB)

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This is a downloadable version of the Hold Fast video zine. Since the 4GB DVD is too large to put online, this has been encoded using H.264/AAC to get it down to a more managable 940MB. As a result, however, the video quality is slightly degraded, some scenes are too dark, and some of the detail is blurry. Chances are that this will not be noticable by most people, given that the original video footage was taken on a very cheap camcorder and thus is not spectacular to begin with. However, if you want the full experience or if you don't want to spend a lot of time downloading a large file, check out the DVD.

Update (January 25th, 2010):

I have given Hold Fast a second edit in preparation for a new release with Microcosm. The edit is five minutes shorter (whew!), includes some slightly better footage, and some smoother transitions in a few areas. The downloadable version here is 1.4GB.


To download this, you will need to have a BitTorrent client installed. The resulting MOV should be compatible with Totem on Linux and Quicktime 7 on the Mac.


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